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How does Generation Z envision our world in twenty years? 🕒

As an emerging age group that is not only purpose-driven and empathetic, but maintains the hope to see young people grow up towards a safer, more inclusive, and equitable future, we prioritize ACTION, WORK, and IMPACT. From here on out, we seek to make that shift.

Zenerations is launching a new 4-part initiative to add a fully action-based component to our organization in tandem with content creation.

Each sector, will function in cycles in which we conduct work and organize to meet a set of goals, which we call the SECTOR CORE OBJECTIVES. This can range from hitting a fundraising goal, passing legislation, sending out x amount of relief packages, and more. The success and impact of the Core Objectives are based on quantitative measures. Once the four goals have been reached, the sectors will enter the next cycle.

The Four Sectors

Note: Click the buttons to find each sector’s core objectives!

Climate Change

Core Objective: Develop a petition with over 5k signatures and write 3k open letters to hold banks accountable for funding fossil fuel projects

LGBTQ+ Youth

Core Objective: Raise $2000 to raise funds for necessities for Trans Youth [binders, surgery costs, etc.]

Gun Violence

Core Objective: Develop a petition with over 5k signatures for Congress to pass the Break the Cycle of Violence Act

Racial Justice

Core Objective: Raise $500 for the Equal Justice Initiative.

Our Sponsors

Meet Our Sector Director & Leads

Evie Fitzpatrick

Sectors Director

Evie Fitzpatrick is a 16-year-old sophomore from North Carolina. She is extremely passionate about politics and activism, and loves to share that with those around her. Evie also enjoys blogging, playing the violin, and volunteering at her local science museum. In the future, she hopes to become a biological anthropologist!

Sage Freed

LGBTQ+ Youth Sector Lead


Climate Change Sector Lead

Nidhi Ravala

Gun Violence Sector Lead

Krista Savage-White

Racial Justics Sector Lead

How to Contribute

Even YOU could contribute to our four sectors by donating to Zenerations. We will use the funds to cover various expenses that rise along the process, along with supporting the continuation of the Sectors Project well into the future.

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