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7 Fashion Trends that Originated from Black Culture

Styles and cultures have been taken away from Black people for decades to be reclaimed as something more “trendy” or “appropriate.” With the recent rise in media attention towards the Black Lives Matter movement, it is important to understand where aspects of our society have come from, and the stigma that Black people have faced regarding their styles that white people have never faced. The double standard between POC and white people when it comes to the fashion industry is not an isolated issue; Black Lives Matter encapsulates all issues that Black people face.

Article by Dylan Follmer and Sophia Delrosario

The Hype: How Teens are Rising to TikTok Stardom

In November 2017, the Chinese company ByteDance bought Musical.ly—a popular social media app that allowed users to create and upload fifteen-second-long lip-syncing videos. Less than a year later, in August of 2018, ByteDance absorbed Musical.ly into its own app, which they renamed TikTok. Despite its somewhat tumultuous start, TikTok’s popularity quickly began to rise. With the demise of Vine’s seven-second-long comedy videos in 2017—and the promised “Vine 2” seeming far off—TikTok became a new video-making haven for the displaced users of both Vine and Musical.ly. This, in a way, allowed the app to become more multifaceted than both of its predecessors: it gave all users the opportunity to become popular, whether they were creating Musical.ly-era lip-syncing videos, Vine-esque comedy skits, or even branching off into genres that hadn’t been prominent on either app, such as cosplay. […]
Written by: Alli Lowe

Body Positivity and the Role Brands Have in this Movement

Generation Z has been a relentless force in the rise of conversations about issues such as eating disorders and how we can reform those issues into body positivity. As years have passed, we have become more and more conscious about traditional standards that tend to perpetuate the idea of a “perfect” body shape. Even though […]

BREAKING DOWN BOUNDARIES: From Loving to Hating K-pop

I am a member of BTS’s fandom, ARMY. I am happy listening to their songs, watching their videos and live-streams, and experiencing their concerts. They have made me brighter in so many aspects of my life. But the fact that I am still afraid to openly say that I listen to Kpop is smothering. Why must people hate other people simply because of the music they listen to? Why do I get side glanced and ostracized simply for enjoying a specific genre of music that makes me happy? Be open to new experiences. Be tolerant of other cultures. Be accepting of people who are different from you. Music transcends language. Music can bring people together. Open your mind to something new and that moment may be serendipitous.

Online Mourning and Grief for a Celebrity’s Passing

When I first heard about the disappearance of Naya Rivera, I couldn’t react. I just parked the thought at the back of my mind and checked the news from time to time hoping to hear something from her. It didn’t feel real, not when just two days before I had been re-watching her visit to Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz’s podcast alongside Heather Morris. Not when I had been working out to my “GLEE FAVOURITES” playlist that same morning. But it was very real. Yesterday, I was out with some friends when I got a Twitter notification that a body had been found and that it had been concluded it was Naya’s. I didn’t know how to react. Was I in my right to cry or to feel the need for mourning a person I never met? Was it okay for me not only to feel saddened but devastated by the death of a person I didn’t really know personally?

HAMILTON: How the Broadway Musical Parallels Today’s Movements

If you stand for nothing, Burr, what will you fall for? On Friday, July 3, the recorded version of the hit Broadway musical Hamilton was made available to stream on Disney+, released early, “in light of the world turning upside down”, stated by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who penned the show. When I first listened to the […]

Intersectionality in Fashion Industry: LGBTQ+

Fashion provides one of the most ready means through which any individual can represent themselves in their everyday lives and express visual statements about what makes them unique. At some point it has blurred the gender lines, celebrated diversity, stirred societal norms, and exemplified individuality. Although the fashion world has been hugely impacted by LGBTQ+ […]

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