Words of Wisdom. Pure truth, pure passion, pure emotion, and pure soul in the form of written verses.

The Coral Reef is a Graveyard
Lauren goulette
The Coral Reef Is A Graveyard

The coral reef is a graveyard,
swirling in saltwater puddle
the dwindling whirlpool,
a mockery of blue taffy candy,
and floating bottle caps

The rivers are painted yellow-brown,
a brush of sulfur dioxide
seething muddling, rotten mess,
that heaves from the chest of concrete 
swimming with vacuum cleaners 
and plastic bags...

An Ocean of Burqas
Priyasha chakravarti
Wrapped in a burqa silently in 
the corner of a decrepit bus,
I embrace the nostalgic tune 
that begins my daydream.
The tune creates images of the 
sea and its powerful stream.
My heart swells at the sight 
of the waves that protect us.

An ocean of burqas on 
board beguiling ships,
Singing their hearts out 
to the fearless seas.
Underneath the burqas, 
the expression of joy,
And the jubilation that comes 
with the tune eventually slips...

Little Black Dress
Sophie guo
Little black dress,
So darling at first.
You hugged the slopes of my body,
Redefining my inches of worth,
You complemented my identity.
Little black dress,
My golden star.
You were a piece of eye candy,
Tender and sweet,
Dilating accounts of 
misattributed prestige,
A mesmerizing spotlight.
But you started to fray at 
your seams,
Little black dress...


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