Outspoken Narrative x ZENERATIONS

Outspoken Narrative x ZENERATIONS

The Outspoken Narrative is a docuseries. A diverse group of individuals from across the country have created a series that aims to have conversations about important events and problems that the world faces. In each episode, we tackle a different issue. We tell the story through the facts and the first-hand experiences of people on the ground.

We release an episode every month partnering with Zenerations. Zenerations is a youth organization and media organization that aims to empower the creatives, activists, entrepreneurs, and changemakers of Generation Z. Together, the Outspoken Narrative and Zenerations, hope to shed light on important issues that affect the world.

The Partnership

Latest Episode

Episode 7: The Capitol Under Siege
Outspoken Narrative – Episode 6: The Arctic Refuge
Outspoken Narrative – Episode 5: Lebanon Recap
Outspoken Narrative – Episode 4: Education
Outspoken Narrative – Episode 3: CHOP/CHAZ
Outspoken Narrative – Episode 2: Lebanon
Outspoken Narrative – Episode 1: BLM
Outspoken Narrative Trailer

Who’s Behind It?

Eshan Vishwakarma

Eshan Vishwakarma is a Junior at John Randolph Tucker high school in Virginia. He loves volunteering, public speaking, acting, dancing, and creating videos. He has a personal blog where he discusses his interests, ambitions, and even interviews politicians, activists, and creators to hear and share their incredible stories. Eshan has always wanted to create a lasting impact in his community and around the world, and with Zenerations, he plans to do just that.

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