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  • Talking All Things: Euphoria
    Is the visually stunning, Zendaya-led show an accurate portrayal of our generation? Talking all things euphoria, from the dangers of the glamourized ‘euphoria aesthetic’, to our cassie-bathroom and euphoria high inside jokes, to their crisis text hotline. 
  • The Constitution and its Relevance in Modern Society
      The Constitution was written to replace the Articles of Confederation. The motive behind it was to grant the central (better known as federal) government more powers while not giving it so much power that the states and the people had no rights. While the Articles of Confederation had the power to declare war and handle diplomatic affairs, only state governments had the power to handle currency. Thus, had every state refused to give any funds, the federal government would ultimately fail, and because passing legislation required every state to vote affirmatively, it was almost impossible to enact anything.
  • An Overview of Antisemitism: It’s Tropes, Effects, and Current Examples
    TWs: antisemitism, antisemitic attacks, the Holocaust and Nazis, gun violence. Before I start talking about antisemitism, I want to write a disclaimer about myself: I do not consider myself to be religiously Jewish and I have not personally experienced antisemitism. That being said, my father’s family is Jewish and I’ve grown up around Jewish friends. I also try to connect to my Jewish culture and ancestry. So, while I’ve never experienced antisemitism myself, I have been surrounded by Judaism my entire life and it is an important part of my family’s history that I always enjoy learning about and experiencing. 
  • Texas Abortion Ban
    As Texas seems to push forward without challenge in enforcing a near-total abortion ban, young people are in grave danger. Known as Senate Bill 8, a law banning abortions after 6 weeks in Texas went into effect on Wednesday, September 1st. Although up for a Supreme Court ruling (as the law challenges the previous ruling in Roe v. Wade), the resulting 5-4 ruling refused to block the law. 
  • Hustle Culture Today
    At precisely 6:30 a.m., you wake up. You check your phone for messages and rise out of bed to get ready for work that day. While on your commute to work, maybe you check your emails and eat a quick breakfast because you didn’t have any time to do so at home. Right before work, you stop by a coffee shop and order a steaming hot cup of coffee to last the entire work day. You go to work, do what you’re assigned, and attend some meetings. At 5 p.m. you get off work, but work still follows you. In your free time at home you are constantly scrambling to meet deadlines. When you are finally able to sleep, you wake up again to the sound of your alarm and repeat the same jam-packed schedule as yesterday.  By: Amy Feng Zhang
  • Disney’s Legacy of Cultural Commodification
    A deep dive into the Disney corporation’s long-standing history of […]
  • Masterpieces: The Othering of Trans Bodies and Minds
    TW: transphobia, homophobia, violence, suicide, discrimination The trans body, as perceived by the cisgender majority, has become a piece of art on display in a museum. For most, being trans necessitates the body, and often the mind, to be critiqued like a craft by the crafter, a drawing by the artist. The average trans person is painted by themself with meticulous care to the perceptions of others for the main reason of safety; the protection of “passing” a priceless sculpture: the carved, collected, or lucky body has the privilege of assimilation, the threat of violence, discrimination dwindled. However, when the body does not “pass,” when the body is a work of art on display to be critiqued by the public, by men, it is a political statement like most art, a statement made, most often, against the will of the trans person.      
  • Sexism in Gaming Communities
    Sexism against women is an enduring problem in video game […]
  • How Heatwaves Affect Low-Income Communities
        For the past two weeks, the northern and western […]
  • The Dilution of Academic Terms in Pop Culture
    An Analysis of Social Media’s Role in the Overuse of […]
  • TikTok would be nothing without Black People.
    Surely, we’ve all seen the video of Addison Rae, a popular content creator performing some (low-energy) dance routines on Jimmy Fallon’s late night talk show, many of which originated from Black creators’ choreography on TikTok. 
  • No, mass imprisonment doesn’t actually improve society. in fact, it’s a public health crisis, and it targets POC.
    Most of us would expect that removing criminals from a community would result in an overall improvement and better development of the community. However, there is a growing body of evidence suggesting that this may not necessarily be the case due to the effects incarceration and imprisonment has on individuals and their communities. 
    Pay reparations. Honor the flag + history. Attend rallies. Advocate for laws and bills. Celebrate Black culture and life.
  • A Deeper Look Into India’s COVID-19 Crisis
    Debate is emerging over the role of wealthy nations in creating an inequitable vaccine rollout, including restrictions on exports of vaccines, raw materials used to make them, and intellectual property held by vaccine companies, and the stockpiling of vaccines, all leading to a shortage of vaccines in developing countries. Globally, around 75% of the vaccines have gone to only 10 countries. In addition to pointing out how unjust this hoarding of vaccines is, people have highlighted how it may prevent the end of the pandemic. Rapid community spread in developing countries without sufficient vaccines can lead to new mutations of the virus that may become resistant to existing vaccines. To see an end to this pandemic there must be global cooperation and accountability for wealthy nations who choose to act selfishly. 
  • The Rise of Youth Led Media Organizations
    POV: It’s a regular day. You’re scrolling through Instagram casually, as most of us do, when a post comes up on your explore page. An infographic from an Instagram account you’ve never seen before, explaining an issue you’ve heard about briefly during lunch with your friends, or from somebody else’s device in a passing fleet. It’s interesting! It really is. You tap the ‘heart’ icon to like it, even going to the extent of saving the post. As a reminder, you tell yourself. 
  • greenwashing: are companies really being eco-friendly?
    Have you ever purchased an item from your favorite store’s […]
  • Earth Day 2021: Origin, Gen Z’s Take, and Future Conservation Efforts
    Earth Day Origin and Aims Earth Day takes place on […]
  • Why Do Cities Hate The Homeless?
    Hostile architecture, known as anti-homeless architecture is a form of architectural design to prevent or impede crime and help maintain order. It is a trend in urban design that discourages the use of spaces in any way other than the intention of the owner or designer. This has existed all over the world in various ways, but the most harmful examples have come in the way of targeting the homeless community, an already marginalized group, many who look for a place to sleep or rest throughout the day. 
  • Why Gen Z Loves Labels
    Labels. We find them on cans of food, clothing tags, and our electronics. A label should theoretically be confined to a piece of material on a product that tells about said product, yet Gen Z still finds ways to label themselves. Gen Z likes to define themselves through style, such as finding an aesthetic like light/dark academia, cottagecore, kidcore, etc. Gen Z also likes to find things (seemingly) rooted in science, like astrology, and make decisions based on those things. While the idea of labels may seem confining, all of these labels and defining characteristics allow Gen Z to connect with others similar to them. 
  • Voluntourism and Its Roots in Neocolonialism
    Voluntourism is a rising industry among the wealthy working classes in well-developed countries. According to a Thrive Global article in 2017, it garnered an annual income of $173 billion dollars. What makes this industry profitable and how is it detrimental to society? Voluntourism is a form of tourism in which travelers participate in voluntary work, typically for charity, under the guise of evangelization under God. People typically participate in voluntourism through short-term missionary trips which are typically a few weeks long.  Volunteer program organizations promote the idea of giving back to a community through improved local conditions. The target demographic for voluntourism are high school and university students, as most seek to acquire resume fluff, self-enhancement, and adventure. Of course, these students have a sense of altruism, but it isn’t their main motivation behind volunteering in poorly developed countries. Instead, they assist  these volunteer organizations in capitalizing on their demographic’s desire to “help” countries to exist in the capitalist market; everything is to make a profit.
  • Turkey’s Withdrawal From the Istanbul Convention — Women and LGBTQ+ People Need Our Help
    Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan withdrew Turkey from the Istanbul Convention without any parliamentary debate.The Istanbul Convention is a human rights treaty designed to prevent gender-based violence against women and LGBTQ+ members, protect victims and prosecute perpetrators. It aims to uphold their fundamental human right through creating a life free from violence and terror.Leaving the Convention would effectively deprive them of equal legal protections against abuse and violence they face everyday in our societies.
  • Two Meanings
    My history teacher swivels her neck towards the audience, then […]
  • From One Woman to Another, I Know You May be Feeling Scared Right Now
    here is a list of apps, toolkits, tips, and self-defense tactics to hopefully ease your mind when leaving the house – even though we shouldn’t have to. first, it shouldn’t be our responsibility to stay safe – the priority should be on men educating themselves to respect us. However, – we know that now, in this particular time, women may still be hesitant to leave their homes, especially with the tragic passing of Sarah Everard, the staggering statistic of 97%, and the countless attacks on women that we hear about on the news.
  • Going Past the Hashtag #StopAsianHate
    Honoring the victims and supporting your AAPI friends by Marinel […]
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