Get Involved

Want to make a change in your generation?

Zenerations offers a number of ways to get involved! Whether it be establishing an official partnership, submitting your articles, writing, poetry, art, and photography, or joining our Junior Team, you can truly help make a difference in your community.


We are looking for creative, outspoken individuals to be a part of our junior staff. Membership responsibilities would include writing articles on interview subjects and current events, or opinion pieces on issues you are passionate about (about 1-2 a month). In addition, this position would involve transcribing interview audio files, outreach/networking to other organizations and teens, and studying online trends, current movements, and social issues to come up with new ideas for projects and campaigns! 

COMMITTEES: Outreach Committee, Marketing Committee, TikTok/Reels Committee, Research Committee, Community Team Member (Discord Moderator)

This position is part-time and will complete about 1-2 tasks (or more) every month.


Have a story to tell? Submit articles about your experiences, your organization/work, a social issue you are passionate about, display your talents through art, music, poetry, film, and photography, and anything that helps you express yourself. You can submit via email or DM us on Instagram!

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