Climate Change

With a global temperature rise, frequent extreme weather events, and rapid wildlife extinction, we must act now. Read our collection of articles on climate change and environmental issues.

The Green New Deal: An Analysis

In New York City, there is a clock. A clock that counts every second until humanity is locked in a prison of its own creation. As of December 2020, there are barely 7 years remaining until climate change is irreversible. Humanity must achieve zero emissions before this timer hits zero.

Have you Heard of Eco-Anxiety?

Whether you have heard of “eco-anxiety” or not, chances are you have experienced it at one point or another. Although many are still denying that climate change exists, the media is bombarding us with the latest climate atrocities from the burning of the Amazon rainforest to the growing plastic crisis. This information takes a toll on people’s mental health. This entry focuses on explaining the background, meaning, and ramifications of eco-anxiety.

More than Just Meat: Lab-Grown Meat is a Game Changer.

Agriculture today is a modernized relic of the practices of the earliest humans. We’ve grown crops and raised livestock since the dawn of time, but is it also possible to grow meat? Lab-grown meat, also known as clean meat, is the product of animal flesh through a process known as vitro cultivation — the growth of cells and tissues in a controlled environment. The process begins by collecting myosatellite cell samples from the animal and it is from there that the selected samples are placed within an environment with the necessary nutrients and growth elements that are naturally present in animals. =

Why Our Earth Is On the Line This November

For an issue so apparent and evident as climate change, it seems to be playing a minor role in the 2020 Presidential Election. The truth is that climate change is, and will continue to, affect all of us. In fact, although 42% of Joe Biden supporters say that climate change is very important to their vote, only 11% of Donald Trump supporters say this. This brings up the question on how important it is when deciding on what candidate to vote for. How different are their views on climate change? And what solutions do each of the candidates bring to the table? Surprisingly (or perhaps not surprisingly for some), Biden and Trump have two entirely different perspectives on the matter, which can be shown in their plans for climate change. Whether you are eligible or ineligible to vote, it is vital to be aware of how our ever-changing climate will be affected by this upcoming election. Our futures are at risk.

WRITTEN BY: Evie Fitzpatrick

WEST COAST WILDFIRES: The Connection to Climate Change

Article by Aarushi Jain, Rachel Gerhardt, and Sophia Delrosario Blood red skies, falling ash, and an unbearable, suffocating heat paints an apocalyptic scene for millions of residents on the West Coast. Wildfires have spread across three million acres of California, and the connection between the fires and the global warming crisis is more apparent than […]

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