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Zenerations is a collection of stories centered around people in Generation Z, showcasing our talents, achievements, thoughts, lifestyles, and experiences. We aim to establish a sense of community, diversity, and positivity. Ranging from articles on Gen Z life, art, music, photography, politics, school, pop culture, and interviews with accomplished teens, Zenerations has something for everyone.

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Creator’s Story

Sophia Delrosario, founder of Zenerations 

The Greek meaning of Sophia is wisdom. I was born on March 14, also known as Pi Day. I’m Asian-American. I can play the piano. All this should have added up perfectly, the equation should have been a kid genius with a passion for math and science. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a special place in my heart for geometry, engineering, architecture, and programming – but my passion lies in writing. Always has been, always will be. I like to think that I look at the world differently, I notice even the slightest detail, and always find something special in everything and everyone.

One day, when I was bored out of my mind during self-isolation in the midst of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, I decided that I needed a creative outlet. A passion project. A place to express my thoughts on the world around me. And why not stop there? Why not create a community to showcase the talent and extraordinary lives of people my age? Thus came the birth of Zenerations, a blog dedicated to doing just that. The night I came up with the idea, I couldn’t sleep, and my heart beat wildly in my chest – I had found something special. I was taking a risk, a characteristic common in the great people of my generation. 

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