Against the mirror,
I see broken corners
and folds,
pinches of warmth
and bottled ice.
I stare,
A glass of sparkling cider
clinks across the room.

My mind runs in circles,
creating distractions and fantasies,
and longing for glittered tapestries.

that you'll speak gently,
to the figure that haunts you most.
that you won't run
or try
to hide.
that you'll find the strength
inside you.

Against the mirror,
I see
a work in progress,
a newfound energy,
an emblem of gratitude.

that perfection
is what you make of it.

Message from the Author

Promise is a poem that touches upon topics of body image, insecurity and self-confidence. Coming into the new year, I am making an oath with my current and future self to be patient and to find gratitude in all the amazing things that my mind and body do for me.

Sophie Guo

Born and raised in New York, Sophie is a high school senior and writer with interests in journalism, business, and activism. She currently serves as a Debate Agent for the Northeast State of Junior State of America (JSA), and she is a Board Member for various other organizations. Through Zenerations, she hopes to spread awareness on societal issues and build a platform where everyone feels loved and accepted.

2 responses to “Promise”

  1. This is beautiful! I love the alliteration of promises and mirrors and the dreamlike setting 🙂


  2. i like it – dida


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