What is Volume Buzzing?

What is Volume Buzzing?

Our Voice Matters is not merely an activist organization. It is a step towards progress. OVM bridges the gap between us citizens and our politicians with a new, revolutionary strategy we call Volume Buzzing

Volume Buzzing is a new wave of digital activism we use to guarantee that our lawmakers not only hear us but listen to us. Volume Buzzing is the process of sending constituent opinions to our lawmakers in VOLUME. Our congressmen aren’t going to respond to each and every one of our personal letters, but what they WILL do is respond to 100,000 people’s concise, well-developed opinions brought to them by the Our Voice Matters monthly constituency report.

Our Process : 

  1. Educate the masses monthly about relevant bills circulating Congress with select resources on our website : https://form.jotform.com/21052671137504
  2. Have you answer quick, yet substantial, 5-minute surveys about the bill to record your opinions 
  3. Once we reach our goal (ranging from 1000-100,000+ surveys answered) , we compact your responses in a constituency report to send to your local and national representatives 

Flooded with the unprecedented number of responses from thousands of constituents, our politicians will finally have a reason to hold themselves accountable and do their job : represent US.

closeup photo of gavel

How do we know this will work? : 

  1. A legislator’s job is to represent the people in their district. If they ignore their constituency, it’s simple, they will be voted out next term.
  2. Politicians can spend over ½ of their working hours working on re-election efforts. Part of re-election efforts is answering to constituents 
  3. Representatives in Congress travel back and forth from their home state to D.C. multiple times a week for the purpose of working with their constituents.

Who will this help and HOW?

  1. Everyone : OVM engages Americans by educating them about bills circulating in Congress that have the potential to change their lives but they may have no idea about FOR FREE. Our process is speedy and efficient ; You can have your opinion recorded to be sent to your representative in a matter of minutes
  2. Youth : Volume Buzzing provides youth who are ineligible to vote with a way to have their voice heard in government by including their opinions in the constituency report. 
  3. People of color : POC are disproportionately affected by gerrymandering and voter suppression. Where our government fails to give us fair representation, OVM is fighting for the people.
  4. Low-income citizens : OVM provides free education on bills and seeks to mobilize in low-income areas to record the opinions of residents who may not have access to the Internet. 

What else do we provide?

  1. We facilitate healthy discussion about everything civic engagement on our website between our Our Voice Matters Members on our website 
  2. A safe, healthy space on social media to view and discuss your different perspectives on anything government, civic engagement related, etcetera.

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