Deep within the black amnesias,
I nestle in perfect harmony with
the worldlessness of my selfhood.

I am fae, fey, faeye, feye, fairy
the bird who drinks sweet nectar
from the tiny queen's cupped palm.

Here I know no plagues, no big plans
to evade and no charitable activities.
I have to knock the poetry out of
my dead head.

I crouch under a poem,
I've made it too strong this time
and I can't risk facts.

I don't want it's ominous head to rear
up from under my throat, I can't
handle it, not for anyone.

But a boy anoints me and I
stare into invisible eyes, my
mouth opening like a dying dam.

Artist Statement:

I’ve always felt overwhelmed by the raging heteronormativity I have to cope with and adapt to every day. From oppressively stereotypical nuclear families to lack of media representation, it’s as if life itself is reminding me every second that I live in a world where I’m mostly not welcome. Poetry has become my glitch, my escape, my favorite mode of expression. This is a poem about how I feel when I deal with the world on terms not my own.

WRITTEN BY: Prathami

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