Invisible Stars by Alexa Garcia

Invisible Stars by Alexa Garcia

I sit at the peak of my rooftops’ ledge

I breathe understandably at the sight of the moon alone.

I wave at the planets and universes above.

I know we’re more than just flesh and bone.

In a year where so many, though, have gone,

And we see a new, but hidden, dawn,

You can choose to ignore the light and focus on the forgotten door,

But I choose to sit on my beautiful ledge just a little more.

I see the baby blue sky creeping in as the moon falls asleep,

And even I have only just awakened, like the sun and the birds singing. 

Their tunes and shine guide my mind to a glowing trance, 

And I sit and stare again at the holy peaceful land.

I watch my hands and fingers intertwine the way my heart and mind have finally


They are connecting, breathing at the same rhythm, the way I walk to the beat of

the stars – 

Even though I can’t see them.

After a year where nothings certain,

 where protests and viruses have become our focus,

 where life is a battle without going uphill,

 I found hope in the way that time isn’t standing still.

 We made a change.

 We’re wide awake to see it happen.

 We settled down.

 We’re going places even though our feet aren’t moving.

 We looked above and beyond. 

 Sitting as I am with the sun’s ray on my rooftop.

 See, with me, the stars even though their light has been overthrown. 

 See, with me, the light in one’s own.

Alexa Garcia

Alexa Garcia (Lexie) is a 15-year-old Dominican-American with dreams to see the world and inspire others through her craft. Her main goals consist of pursing Film, Theater Arts, and Creative Writing/Poetry. She is also very passionate about Self Love, Scoliosis Awareness, Feminism, Environmental activism, etc. She is a Tech and Visual Arts major at High Tech High School in New Jersey. Alexa is super excited to be a part of such a great community!

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