How to: Approach Black Friday in a Pandemic

How to: Approach Black Friday in a Pandemic

Every year, large crowds are pulled to each Best Buy, Target and many other large corporations for the Black Friday sales. A day where there are large discounts on almost every item storewide, and everyone wants to get their hands on the best deals. This results in many ‘Black Friday Fight’ video compilations to trend, as people fight over the most trivial of items. While there is hope that in a pandemic people wouldn’t gather on Black Friday in large crowds, many stores are staying open in order to make money during the sales. This means, it is up to the people to make a decision on whether or not they choose to go out, or if they choose to follow covid best practices and stay in. 

It's not Black Friday yet — but the price slashing has already started

The CDC has called Black Friday Shopping a ‘High-Risk Activity’, and does not recommend “going shopping in crowded stores just before, on, or after Thanksgiving.” However, the CDC does recommend online shopping as a low-risk alternative. 

Along with affecting the social aspect of a business, the pandemic has also affected many small businesses financially. According to a survey taken in the beginning of March, a vast majority of small-business owners were already feeling stressed due to the pandemic, and their struggles have only continued as the pandemic surges on. During the midst of this pandemic, Black Lives Matter protests broke out nation-wide, but quickly turned into riots in major cities. Many Bipoc-owned and small-business were looted, damaged or even burned down, and have struggled to recover since the traumatic events. 

BIPOC-owned Small Businesses to Support

Due to this, many BIPOC-owned small businesses have been suffering financially, and Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to show them some love and support! Here is a non definitive list of BIPOC-owned brands to support this upcoming Black Friday.






Rachel Gerhardt

Rachel Gerhardt is a 15 year old that attends Hudson High School. She became apart of Zenerations in August of 2020 and is currently a writer. She is interested in feminism, politics and activism and expresses this through her creative and informative writing.

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