The Umbrella Academy Takes a Field Trip To The 60’s

The Umbrella Academy Takes a Field Trip To The 60’s

(Warning: spoiler alert ahead)

New characters. Different timeline. The same goal. Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy hit us with a turbulent hurricane. 

Previously, the seven children of the world-renowned billionaire, Reginald Hargreeves, did all it took to stop the apocalypse. Many secrets were uncovered in the first season, like Vanya revealing her destructive sonic powers to Hargreeves commiting suicide. The first season ended with Vanya causing the apocalypse, sending a mega-asteroid to Earth. With quick-thinking and time ticking, they decided to travel back in time and fix things with a different approach.

Each of them got stranded in different years between 1960-1964, alone and clueless. Well, except for Klaus, of course, Ben is always by his side. Because they ended up alone, they assumed the worst – that every other sibling had died during the time jump or in the apocalypse from the previous season. One by one, each sibling encounters another. First, it was Diego and Five and they reunited at a mental health care facility. From there, Five and Diego made it a point to try and find their remaining brothers and sisters: Vanya, Luther, Allison, and Klaus.

Before we get into the specifics of the show, let’s get into the specifics of the characters. Here is a refresher for the characters—old and new—for those of you who want to get a better picture of each character.

Number One:

Luther is referred to as “Number One” by his adoptive father, Reginald Hargreeves. His superpower is generic: super strength. You may ask why his shoulders are so broad and why his upper body is so hairy. He went on a dangerous mission and came back one foot at the grave. To save him, his father injected a type of gorilla serum that was supposed to save Luther. Now, he is 10x stronger but most regard him as an abomination because of his upper body hair and massive body proportions. But to me, he wasn’t such a vital character. 

Batman, but aim lower” :

Diego’s power is to change the trajectory of any object he throws or comes at him. To his advantage, he uses knives to fight his enemies and once tried to use it when fighting his father. Out of all of them, he was closest to their robot mom, Grace. In season 2, he taps more into his power when he stops an armada of bullets fired from the people at the Commission, a common enemy of the Hargreeves siblings. Now, Diego can do so much more than throw knives accurately. 

In the first few episodes of the season, we learn two things about Diego: longer hair suits him better. He is placed in a mental health facility where he tries his best to escape. He makes one particular friend, Lila, who becomes his girlfriend later on. His main goal in the season is to stop his father from killing John F. Kennedy.

I Heard a Rumor:

The person with my favorite power, Allison Hargreeves, can control minds with ease. The phrase, “ I heard a rumor,” is followed by anything she’d want you to do. “ I heard a rumor you walked away,” “I heard a rumor you think you’re just ordinary,” are some of the iconic phrases she used before. “I heard a rumor” is more of a warning or way to concentrate on whatever and whoever she’s about to rumor. By saying it, she knows that she is using her power instead of blatantly saying a rumor which could lead to accidental and irreversible problems. She used it before on missions and once to make Vanya think she had no powers. In season 2, Allison takes advantage of her unique power to, in a way,  fight and end racism alongside her husband, Raymond Chestnut. 

Hello, Goodbye:

He started a cult! Klaus has a cool power to conjure and communicate with any dead person. Klaus mainly uses it to talk to Ben, a deceased member of the Hargreeves siblings. In the new season, we learn that he has started some sort of cult and gained followers from around the world. Although his followers think very highly of him, Klaus constantly doubts himself to lead such a big group and often avoids them. 

On another note, he one day came across a hardware store and recognized someone he thought he’d never see again: Dave. When Kalus time-traveled back in time in season 1, he landed in the Vietnam War, where he fell in love with Dave. Unfortunately, Dave was killed in combat, and Klaus was immensely hurt by his death. In season 2, Klaus tries his best to warn him not to go to war but Dave insists on going anyway.

Time Travel Mischief:

When Five was young, he yearned to time travel more than he could, attempting to reach farther places. One day, without the permission of Hargreeves, Five accidentally went too far into the future and got stuck in the apocalypse. He never had the luxury of going back because he didn’t know how. Unlike the rest of his siblings, he was never given a name, and so, he stuck with his ‘Number Name.’ In Season 2, he is quite shocked to know that the apocalypse he and his family were running from had followed them to the past. He tries his best to locate each sibling to garner a plan to fix the timeline. By doing so, Five kills the Commission’s Board Members in return for the briefcase, a compact time machine he thinks would be able to time travel back with his siblings. 

Sparrow Academy Leader?:

Ben continuously communicates with Klaus. He died when he was young but no one exactly knows why. We know, however, that his power is to summon a demon octopus from his body to fight criminals and help his siblings on missions. It’s speculated that he can summon any monster from any dimension. 

When Vanya was interrogated by the FBI, she began to lose control of her powers. Ben was the only one who could stop her. Eventually, he managed to stop her in time but did so at the cost of his life. Yes, he is very much dead, but Vanya killed his spirit, finally allowing him to ascend into the afterlife. Having said that, Klaus won’t be able to communicate with that version of Ben again. 

Silent But Deadly:

Vanya is THE most powerful out of all her siblings, and there is a huge power gap between her and the other Hargreaves. She has the power to convert sound energy into kinetic energy, which is very useful when trying to fight her enemies throughout the show. At the start, Vanya was hit by Missy’s car, a housewife who lives on a farm with her husband and kid. Vanya is the most dynamic character so far as she breaks out of her shell. She used to rarely interact with her siblings and was scared to talk most of the time. Of course, she is still extremely introverted but her acknowledging the extent of her powers gave her a boost in confidence and self-esteem.  This season, we can infer that her love for Missy was more than enough, but it resulted in her custody of the FBI.

Ikea Brothers: All I can say for these Swedish Triplets is that they don’t talk much. They worked for the Commission to kill the Umbrella siblings. You can call them the ‘epitome of unlucky’ for this season as one brother is obliterated to pieces and the other brother was killed. The last one was left alone without the company of his two beloved siblings and left the Commision. 

Troublesome Mother and Daughter :

The Handler and Lila are the next highlighted family in this new season. We know that Lila has the power to mimic any power she confronts. Until the final episode, we were fooled into thinking she was only a skilled fighter. In reality, she can time travel like Five, rumor anyone like Allison, and fly like Vanya. The reveal of Lila’s mimicking abilities connected all the dots : she was born the same day as the Umbrella Academy siblings because in their lifeline, the only ones with powers are those who were born on October 1, 1989.

The Handler is a recurring problem in the show. She shows up when you least expect it and her appetite for killing Five is quite alarming. Her and Five share a mutual relationship in their efforts to kill each other. 

Unexpected Timeline Equals Racism?

Allison got stuck in 1961, greeted with men who attacked her. She looked for a haven and wound up in a black-owned beauty parlor. First, she went to a restaurant, still thinking it was a time period near 2019. All eyes were on her as she looked around in confusion until she read the sign, “Whites Only.” That is when she slowly realized that the time travel jump she took placed her into such a controversial and racial negating era of the 60s. 

She continued to work in the beauty parlor she found, became a Civil Rights Organizer, and married again. It is revealed that Allison and Raymond both experience racism when one white man tries to assault the beauty parlor she had her ‘community gatherings’ for. These gatherings were meant to plot a sit-in at Stradlers, the same restaurant Allison read the “Whites Only” sign. 

This white man attempted to assault both Allison and Raymond. However, Allison fought back and thrusted him onto the pavement. He reports it to the police and gets Raymond arrested for the allegations. Long story short, Allison becomes worried the sit-in won’t follow through without Raymond, but he eventually gets bailed the same day they have been planning their sit-in. They were met with distraught whites who questioned their very existence at ‘their’ cafe. Allison was first, the rest followed. She demanded she and her friends be served and the arrogant server denied any service. Things escalated and hateful remarks were thrown at them such as, “You don’t belong here” and “Get out!”.  To add, salt and pepper were also poured unto Allison and her folks. She had had enough when one server had intentionally spilled piping hot coffee on Allison, burning her with malice.

This is when the police arrived and tried their best to remove Allison, her husband, and their friends out of the restaurant. Raymond got beat, some were dragged, and Allison followed her husband and the officer who was injuring him. She used her rumor power to stop the officers.

We can assume that Allison is nothing but disappointed as she experiences racism first hand at the core of racial segregation and injustice. But her going through it like this made it uber important for her to change the world, even if it meant exposing her powers to her husband.

Allison with her friends at the sit-in protesting for the right to eat at a ‘white’ restaurant.

They’re Not the Only Ones With Powers

Though we may not be born with ice powers, telekinesis, or resurrecting the dead, we are still gifted with something else taken for granted that sits on our throat: our voice box. We are capable of speaking up about the injustices that result in the unfortunate deaths in the likes of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. 

With that, Allison symbolizes Gen Z: eager to fight to put the racism that has plagued America to a long-awaited end. We are proof that we don’t need to be born with mystic powers to fight for  what’s right.

Xavier Cortez

Xavier is a 15-year-old who is a rising Sophomore at High Tech High School. He majors in Biomedical Science, but among being immersed with science, he also enjoys writing. Xavier is seen as the kid who always focuses on studying for school and hopes to become a doctor and go to med school. Aside from being an avid learner, Xavier also has fun side that includes playing volleyball, swimming, Overwatch, traveling the world, or just visiting the beaches. He wants to apply his personality and hobbies into the articles he will write for Zenerations to be able to allow others to not only get a better understanding of the world but to also get to know him and learn his opinions. From his future experiences with Zenerations, Xavier aims to talk about subjects ranging from politics to entertainment always understanding both sides of the argument.

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