INERTIA. An Original Poem by Sophie Guo.

“Inertia” is a poem I wrote that talks about the awkwardness of a relationship when both partners are afraid to have the important conversations they must have. It’s about experiencing the early stages of love from an introvert’s perspective and not being ready to handle the vulnerabilities that come with a relationship. It’s about remaining silent, even when the world is crashing down around you, because you’re ultimately more terrified of being heard. 


By Sophie Guo

It was four in the afternoon.
Perhaps like silver beads on a string, 
Or like nimble ants crawling on a picnic bench, 
The thought crossed your mind, 
Dancing in rhythm to a delicate, piano tune. 

Your silhouette is plain as day, 
Forwards and backwards, 
Etched in the corners of my brain. 

The warmth of your tender palms, 
A sensation familiar to that of a holiday, 
Assimilated to the golden rays of the sun. 

Your laugh, the way words roll off your tongue, 
Glistening in the spumes of conversation. 

Secured loosely in my pocket was humble speculation, 
As fields of gray slowly consumed my sanity, 
Stripped me bare, 
Awake and alone, the world spun around me into focus. 

From five hundred miles away, 
There lay an unspoken pact between us, 
An agreement, 
Rooted in the backhands of tension and irreversibility. 

As the fruits of spring blossomed, 
We sat there as if the words had never escaped our lips, 
Like a pair of strangers, 
Wandering senselessly in a field of strawberries. 

My eyes avoided yours like careful children. 
Day by day, unconditional intrigue grew into monotony. 
On those nights, 
My heart would skip fractional beats at a time, 
Leaving me in a translucent emptiness. 
One thing I always knew was there was no certainty, 
My smiles were tempered with imaginary realism, 
And yours barely reached the surface. 

The cold atmosphere, our hollow breaths, 
Caught in between the knots of broken speech. 
The “truth”, our crumbling motives, 
Intertwined deep within the rabbit holes of a fairytale. 

As the stone petals began to wilt, we waited. 
Too afraid of intimacy, we waited. 
All of reality embedded in solipsistic theory, we waited. 
We waited because it was the only thing we knew. 

The only people we ever hurt were ourselves.

Sophie Guo

Transcriber, writer, editor, poet

Sophie is a high school senior from Westchester County, New York. She is involved in various youth organizations such as The Peahce Project, Dear Asian Youth, Junior State of America, and Asian Business Society. In the future, she hopes to study marketing, business management, and behavioral psychology. Through Zenerations, she hopes to bring awareness to various social issues and empower the youth to chase after their dreams.

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