AN OCEAN OF BURQAS. By Priyasha Chakravarti.

An Ocean of Burqas is about a Muslim girl and her group of friends imaging how carefree their life can be and listening to their favorite song, until a Taliban member (described as a storm in the poem) ruins their daydream and threatens their existence.

Wrapped in a burqa silently in 
the corner of a decrepit bus,
I embrace the nostalgic tune 
that begins my daydream.
The tune creates images of the 
sea and its powerful stream.
My heart swells at the sight 
of the waves that protect us.

An ocean of burqas on 
board beguiling ships,
Singing their hearts out 
to the fearless seas.
Underneath the burqas, 
the expression of joy,
And the jubilation that comes 
with the tune eventually slips.

A bolt of lightning 
slams the starboard side.
My dream fades away, 
here comes the stormy sea.
Cursing, a calloused 
hand viciously pulls at me,
He is horrifying, as strong 
as the wind and the tide!

The gentle kiss of the ocean waves 
once soothed me to sleep,
But now lightning flashes an 
eerie light across the sky.
Waves plunge out of a sea once 
smiling with glee.
Now I’m left battered, bruised, 
and banished with a sweep.

My head whirls from the 
repeated screams, 
The horror and blurred fury 
of whips and kicks.
I try to stand, only to collapse 
like the plunging waves.
The storm is horrifying, but I 
begin to dream my dreams.

Visions of the ocean blurs 
in and out of focus,
As the beautiful tune 
is finally broken.
The ocean of burqas spill out- 
they see the end,
As the beautiful song they 
sing is soon silenced. 

A sea of tears trickle down my face,
But they are concealed 
underneath my burqa.
The eye of the storm 
cannot see my longing
To see my beautiful friends 
sing my favorite tune.

I dream of the gentle 
kiss of the ocean,
And begin to sing with 
love and emotion.
The storm embraces me, 
lost in motion
As I drown to the depths 
of the ocean, 
I hold onto my favorite tune 
and my devotion.

2 responses to “AN OCEAN OF BURQAS. By Priyasha Chakravarti.”

  1. Love this poem!


  2. very emotional.Hope burqa clad women will live with dignity.


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