LAND OF THE PURE. Shining a Spotlight on Pakistan.

By Myra Ahmed

Throughout my life, my answer to the question ‘where are you from?’ had been frowned upon. Having lived in some of the world’s most diverse places, I had become accustomed to the lack of and understanding that surrounded Pakistan. While I always made it a point to educate those within my reach, the urge to do more
constantly nagged at me. I searched for platforms where I could contribute and fulfill what felt like a duty as a Pakistani but struggled to find anything as such.

So, I created Land of the Pure. Until a few months ago, Land of the Pure didn’t exist but since then, we have grown exponentially. With followers from all over the world, Land of the Pure aims to bring the best of Pakistan to the spotlight. The rich, wholesome culture, mesmerizing landscape and economic potential need to be
explored – and this is exactly what we do. Each week, we publish articles guiding the reader through Pakistan. We focus on current affairs, landmarks, history and cultural events making sure to help our readers explore the depths of the country. Our website is filled with pieces written by many young, talented writers.

Photo by Nazim Laghari on Unsplash

As a passionate writer, I also wanted to make my organisation a platform for young writers to publish their writing. We strive to showcase as much writing as possible and encourage you to submit articles to us too! At this stage, we have featured writing from people based in the UK, the UAE and the US and are continuing to expand our horizons. As well as this, Land of the Pure has also recently started
publishing article series. Just a few weeks ago we inaugurated our ‘Ramadan in Pakistan’ series in which we publish articles discussing different aspects of the Holy Month and specifically focusing on how it is celebrated across Pakistan. We have also recently started our ‘Quarantine Creativity’ competition in which we have challenged our followers to submit something they think represents Pakistan in
whichever form they want – this can be writing, artwork, photography – absolutely anything! Our purpose is to bring potential and talent to the spotlight, regardless of what form that may be in.

This organization and all the work we do is very, very close to me and something I am greatly passionate about. Our influence may be little or massive, but we will continue to put in as much work possible because that is who we are as Pakistanis – resilient and determined.

Photo by Sameer Akhtari on Unsplash


Here at Land of the Pure, our aim is to bring the beauty of Pakistan to the limelight – from the gorgeous peaks of the North to the rich, welcoming culture. This site is filled with articles guiding you through every street of Pakistan and taking you on a journey of a lifetime. 

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  1. Excellent Myra !!


  2. Thank you so much for this!


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